Special notice

Day by day, we are working hard to find out who is behind this, what their motives might be and we knew them yet. However, right now we need your help. If you recommend our cruises to your guests, family and friends who are traveling to Halong bay, please remind them we only have 02 OFFICIAL WEBSITES which are Http://aclasscruises.com and Http://aclassoperacruise.com. Please be aware that the following websites www.aclassoperacruises.com... NOT affiliated with our cruise company. They are the fake sites with the terrible working way by cheating our valued guests to other cruises or disappeared with their payment.

Thank you very much for your kind interests!

Dining and Bar

Opera Cruise Cabins

En-suite bathroom


Who we are

Aclass cruises company is widely known as the leading leisure, entertainment for cruising in Halong bay. And we have long time working in hospitality industry, over 12 years of experience. Now, we bring it to you with the most extraordinary part of the world heritage site, Halong bay.